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PODCAST: B2B Marketing Isn’t Broken — It Was Built This Way

I joined my friend Jeff on his podcast Long Story Short. We covered a myriad of topics including: some of my recent pieces about the impact of VC funding on B2B marketing, my LinkedIn anti-strategy, and why personal branding is overrated.

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Jeff Sirkin is the CEO of Sirkin Research, a B2B research and analysis company that specializes in demand research. They don't just provide data to businesses, but actionable insight that drives serious results for GTM, content, product, and positioning.

He was kind enough to invite me on his podcast recently.

Here's what we discussed:

  • How B2B marketing is not broken — it was built this way

  • The false enemies B2B marketers create and what the real one has always been

  • How B2B SaaS defied business fundamentals, and how things look in the current economic climate

  • The impact of Venture Capital funding and business valuations on B2B marketing

  • The key to developing effective marketing and copy: making yourself a local

  • The important distinction between capturing and earning attention

  • Why ‘growth at all costs’ never worked, the consequences were just delayed

  • The state of content on LinkedIn and Victoria’s strategy for how to win

  • Why creativity might be the most valuable skill in technical fields, and vice-versa

  • Why personal branding is overrated

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